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Kristian Demary

Kristian Demary
Visiting Lecturer
Tower 512
PhD, Ecology and Evolution, Tufts University
Industry Experience: 


  • 2007 - Demary, K.C., Lewis, S.M., "Male courtship attractiveness and paternity success in Photinus greeni fireflies." Evolution 61:431-439
  • 2007 - Demary, K.C., Lewis, S.M., "Male reproductive allocation in Photinus fireflies." Invertebrate Biology 126:74-80
  • 2006 - Michaelidis, C.I., Demary, K.C., Lewis, S.M., "Male courtship signals and female signal assessment in Photinus greeni fireflies." Behavioral Ecology 17: 329-335
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  • 2005 - Demary, K.C., "Connecting pre- and post-mating episodes of sexual selection in Photinus greeni fireflies." Ph.D. dissertation, Tufts University, Medford, MA. 
  • 2004 - Lewis, S.M., Cratsley, C.K., Demary, K., "Mate recognition and choice in Photinus fireflies." Ann. Zool. Fennici 41: 809-821
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  • 2001 - Zhao, X., Demary, K.,  Wong, L., Vaziri, C., McKenzie, A.B,  Eberlein, T.J., Spanjaard, R.A., "Retinoic acid receptor-independent mechanism of apoptosis of melanoma cells by the retinoid CD437 (AHPN)." Cell Death and Differentiation 8: 878-886
  • 1997 - Demary, K. (1997) "The Importance of the Suprabranchial Cavity in Anabantoids." Master’s Thesis, Boston University, June 1997.