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During Your Internship

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An internship is a course for credit. The internship syllabus covers what is expected and the requirements during your internship for credit. 


  • You will complete a midterm and final evaluation during your internship
  • Your internship supervisor will also complete a midterm and final evaluation for you. These are required for your grade
  • You faculty internship advisor may give additional assignments

Action Photos

Take a photo of you "in action," here are some examples. Photos are used to promote internships in different ways. In the past, internship photos have been featured in presentations to current and prospective students.


Your faculty internship advisor will review the four evaluations and any additional assignments at the end of the internship and give a grade.

View your Internship record

You can view your internship approvals online:

  • Login into Handshake
  • Click "Career Center" in the upper menu and select "Experiences"
  • You will see the internship you submitted with a status indicated on it. 
  • Click on the record to  view the full details of the internship as well as the Syllabus and other documents.


  • Contact Career Development immediately if you have any questions, concerns, or changes to the terms of your internship. You may also make an appointment to talk in person.

Please note that the Career Development Office is open year round and is available during the summer months as well.