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Animation BFA

Recognizing the collaborative nature of the medium, the program encourages collegiality and the development of interpersonal skills. Students learn how to critique their own work and the work of others in a constructive manner.

Coursework culminates in a degree project consisting of a sustained film as well as a portfolio and reel highlighting students' professional and creative objectives.

The Animation Department maintains classrooms, labs, and studios that facilitate and enhance the work of animation majors.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Creating: Students will devise original concepts and solutions in response to assignments.
  • Time-based sequencing: Students will manipulate time-based structure towards creative objectives.
  • Problem solving: Students will exercise strategies to address core challenges of assignments.
  • Risk-taking: Students will show willingness to attempt solutions, without concern for success or failure.
  • Skill building: Students will explore and employ skills and materials specific to the discipline.
  • Technical training: Students will strengthen technical understanding of all facets of animation.
  • Researching and observing: Students will expand their knowledge of anything and everything.
  • Time management: Students will set goals, manage workloads, and arrange schedules that optimize work time, both in class and outside of class.
  • Viewing: Students will study the work of others in the discipline.
  • Group critiquing: Students will demonstrate active & engaged participation in constructive assessment of other artists’ work.
  • Self-assessment: Students will evaluate their own work through honest & thorough assessment.
  • Acting professionally: Students will understand and utilize professional technical standards and practices.
  • Presenting: Students will demonstrate effective oral, written, time-based, and exhibition skills.

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