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Animation BFA

Creativity, innovation and problem solving are at the core of any success in the field of animation.

The Animation Department, with a curriculum as diverse as its students, seeks to challenge emerging artists to be adaptive and flexible, with many paths leading to futures as animators, designers and artists.

Animation majors begin with assignments that build skills while also encouraging inventive and experimental work across a variety of media. The program encourages a visionary and pragmatic approach that supports students towards work within the animation industry and into other fields. To that end, students are encouraged to learn production efficiency while fostering a spirit of risk-taking as a means of growth.

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Learning Outcomes

    Students learn the production skills needed to become a professional animator, which include technical proficiency, organizational structures, and ongoing development of self-education, or learning how to learn.
    Students develop a creative process that involves risk-taking, intuition, collaboration, originality and the art of revision as it applies to animation.
    Students engage in extensive critiques of various methods as an integral part of learning through engaged participation, reflection, and subsequent action.
    Students situate their studio practice in the historical, social and cultural contexts within and surrounding animation.

Courses   Major Requirements