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For Current Students

The Office of Housing and Residence Life, in coordination with other offices across campus, is working diligently on a plan for the 2021.2022 on-campus housing program. At this time, we are moving forward with a reduced occupancy. Because of the pandemic, we are unable to execute our traditional in-person Housing Lottery and Room Selection Process. With that said, our first step is to determine how best to roll out a new process for those students who would like to return to housing. 

We continue to gather important information from Public Health agencies, the state, and government to learn more regarding the landscape of higher education for next year. As you imagine, changes occur daily. While we are planning for a reduced occupancy now, that may change.

To try and reduce any negative impact on students, we will create a plan to include flexibility in case we need to shift in either direction regarding a change in occupancy. While our primary focus is to create safer environments through the pandemic, we would also like to move to a more engaged Residential Program with more students living in campus housing than this past year.

We are considering several different scenarios and likely will be moving to a housing program that would include single and double room occupancy. In making decisions about this process, we recognize the importance of the following:

  • to provide as much information upfront (notification to students if they have received a space in housing in a timely manner)

  • to avoid housing offers/assignments that are then terminated due to occupancy adjustments

  • to establish housing charges upfront to allow for financial planning

When determining occupancy for the 2021-2022 academic year, we are considering several factors which include but are not limited to:

In the interest of transparency and information sharing, we have listed below the information that we know as of this time. 

Here is what we know now:
  • As of late February, we will be moving forward with a reduced occupancy for next fall

  • A Housing Lottery will take place through an application process (like any other year). The application will include additional questions that will be helpful to execute multiple housing scenarios. (The housing lottery application will be sent out through email mid-February)

  • Many standard double occupancy rooms will be an option for housing for next year

  • Many students will be living in a room with another student/will have a roommate

  • We will have a waitlist for students who were unable to be assigned through the housing lottery process.

  • Incoming first time college students will be guaranteed housing (This means a certain number of available bedspaces will be off-line for upperclassmen)

  • Incoming transfer students will be guaranteed housing (This means a certain number of available bedspaces will be off-line for upperclassmen)

  • Smith Hall will again be a mixed-class building

general information
  • Students who apply for housing will likely know in April whether they will have housing for the academic year

  • A Room Selection process will likely NOT occur

  • Students will have access to view fall 2021 courses before the Housing Lottery Application is due

  • Between completing the housing application and receiving notice of a space being reserved, students may opt out by email if they are no longer interested in pursuing on-campus housing opportunities. After being notified that a space is reserved, students will be held to the terms and conditions listed in the Housing Cancellation Policy

  • Students may apply for spring semester housing if they opt out of fall semester housing

  • We are working to determine if the rising sophomore guarantee will still be possible given the reduced occupancy