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Commuter Programs


Commuter Programs, located in the Office of Student Development, seeks to aid our commuter students in learning about the variety of resources on and off campus. The program provides resources and programming to help students become active participants in campus life and contributing members of their community.

Get Involved  |  Lockers  |  MBTA T-Pass Discount  |  Student Parking

Get Involved at Massart

Be an active and informed member of the MassArt community. Participating in college activities is a great way to meet people and get involved at MassArt. Keep informed of daily events and activities by accessing the events calendar. Check your MassArt email account for valuable information including campus wide announcements. It is essential for commuter students to have an active College email account. Remember, College officials who may need to contact you will not have access to personal email addresses. Don't take a chance on missing out; check your MassArt Gmail account every day!

Make campus connections

Get to know your professors, staff members in Student Development, your work study supervisor, etc. They are important campus connections. Make sure to tell a faculty or staff member about obstacles associated with your commuting lifestyle that could impact classroom performance.

Need a place to store your stuff on campus?

Commuter students are provided with lockers in the lower level of the Kennedy Building. Lockers are provided for the academic year (Fall/Spring) at no additional charge; however, students must have a Locker Contract on file with the Student Development office.

To request a Locker Contract, send an email to or, for assistance, stop by Student Development, Kennedy, 2nd floor.



The order form for the Spring 2023 (January 1, 2023 — May 31, 2023) discounted T-Pass is due with payment by Friday December 9, 2022.



You may mail your MBTA semester pass form with a money order, bank check or postal order or pay online by credit card. 
Note: The online option has an additional fee that may affect your decision to use a credit card.

Mail MBTA T-Pass forms to: 
MassArt Student Development
Attn: Tim Cusack
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


Once we receive your payment and form, you will receive a confirmation email within five business days. If you have sent in a payment and don't hear from us, please email us to inquire about the status of your payment and form.

Contact Commuter Programs at with any questions. Commuter Programs is located on the second floor of the Kennedy building in the Office of Student Development.



All enrolled and newly accepted commuter students (graduate, undergraduate, part-time, PCE, and certificate) are eligible to apply for parking using the parking application form. Parking permits will be valid from Tuesday, January 17th, 2023 through Wednesday, May 17th, 2023


MassArt has leased 50 parking spaces for student parking at Roxbury Community College (294-296 Highland St). Shuttle service is operated between Evans Way and the RCC lot Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 9:00pm. The shuttle runs on a continuous loop and makes a complete rotation approximately every 20 minutes with noted exceptions due to break requirements. The shuttle break schedule and shuttle tracking webpage is below. 

Since there is limited parking, applications are processed based on need rather than application date. The process takes distance, travel time via public transportation, number of transfers via public transportation and academic year into consideration when assessing individual applications.

Shuttle Service to Roxbury Community College

First shuttle: 7:00am RRC Lot #3 Continuous Loop to MassArt @ Evans Way
10:15am – 15 minutes, Driver Comfort break
11:30am – 30 minutes, Driver Lunch Break
12pm – Service Resumes from MassArt @ Evans Way
3:15pm – 15 minutes, Driver Comfort Break
6pm – 30 minutes, Driver Dinner Break
6:30pm – Service Resumes from MassArt @  Evans Way
Last shuttle: Approx. 8:45pm – leave MassArt @ Evans Way to RCC Lot #3 (9pm)*

* If you need a ride to RCC Lot #3 after the last shuttle has left, please go to Public Safety.

Shuttle Tracking


The cost of day-time parking for Spring 2023 will remain at $25 per day of the week. For example, if a student is assigned parking Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the total cost of parking is $75 for the semester. Parking is assigned and charged on a semester basis. This means students are required to reapply each semester to be considered for parking access. 


Parking assignments are determined using a point system which was developed in response to feedback gathered from a survey of students. The point system uses class standing, distance traveled, and access to public transportation in addition to special circumstances as approved by the parking office and/or MassArt Accessibility Services. 

To maximize the use of the limited parking spaces students may only receive parking on days that they have scheduled classes. A copy of your Spring 2023 class schedule must also be included with your completed application. If your schedule is not yet complete, please apply for all the days you believe you will have class and include a note on your parking application. Our office will reach out later to request a class schedule if it is not included with the application. 

Day-Time Parking Application

Completed applications should be submitted no later than 5pm on Friday, December 2nd, 2022. 
**In addition to submitting a completed parking application to the Parking Office, any student requesting an accommodation due to medical/physical need must contact Student Accessibility at:


Students who receive a space will be notified by Friday December 16th, 2022. The email will contain payment information, permit pick-up instructions and any additional information that is needed. The permit should be displayed on your rear view mirror at all times while parked in the RCC Lot #3. Please note that your parking privileges may not be transferred to another person. If for any reason you need to change your vehicle or address information on your application, please email the parking office. All vehicles must be registered with MassArt at the Parking Office (Artists’ Residence rm. 120). 

If you do not receive a space you will be automatically added to a waitlist in the order that you scored. All late applications will be automatically added to the bottom of the list, As the semester progresses additional spaces may become available.

Nearby Parking & Rates


(Classes that begin AFTER 5pm) 
A separate application is available for those who only require evening parking.


Evening parking is available in Ward St Lot. Students will have access to this lot after 5pm on the days that they are assigned as well as full weekend access. For applications submitted before December 2nd, you will be notified via your MassArt email by 5pm on Friday December 16th, 2022. Any application submitted after December 2nd, 2022 will be processed on a rolling basis.


The cost of evening parking in the Ward St Lot is $25 per weeknight. For example, If you are approved for Monday and Wednesday evenings, the total cost for the semester is $50. 

Evening Parking Application


Additionally parking is available for weekend workshops in our Ward St Lot for $15 per weekend. These applications are processed on a rolling basis. You will receive notice once your application has been processed.

Weekend Workshop & Winter Intersession Application


***In addition to submitting a completed parking application to the Parking Office, any student requesting an accommodation due to medical/physical need must contact Student Accessibility Services at


All vehicles must be registered with MassArt at the Parking Office (Artists’ Residence rm. 120). A permit will be issued for display on the vehicle’s rear view mirror authorizing parking in the lot. Your MassArt ID will be activated for the days in which you are authorized.


Contact or call (617) 879-5103.

Parking Office
Artists’ Residence
Room 120
(617) 879-5103