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Visual Storytelling & Comic Arts Certificate FAQs

Photograph of Artwork on a desk

Program Costs:
- Tuition and Fees: $4,400
- Room and Board: N/A
- Books and Supplies Approximately: $50 - $100
- No additional costs

On-time Completion Rate: Program may be completed in 9 months.

Median loan debt incurred by students: This program does not meet the requirements for federal loans.


How do I enroll in the program?
An application is not required. Simply choose "Workshop and Enroll in Certificate Program" on any Comic Arts class page to register for the class and also join the certificate program.

Do I have to pay for the program all at once?
No, you pay “as you go.” When you register for a class, you’ll pay for that class. 

What if I can’t follow the 9-month schedule to take the entire sequence?
You don’t need to follow the 9-month schedule. Take classes on your own timetable, and in any order. To complete the certificate, you will need to complete six required classes and two electives.

What if I need to take time off during the program?
Students are allowed up to one calendar year of time off during the 9-month sequence. Please contact the Program Director if you have a situation that requires you to take frequent time off.

How much time is required outside of class for the program?
Comics are a fluid medium. Some people choose to explore the vast range of possibilities of form and content for which comics as a medium allows and find themselves investing time into these explorations. Others find that they can achieve wonderful results within a manageable amount of time they have available to them weekly. Different instructors have different requirements for their courses.  3-7 hours.

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