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Book a Group Study Room

The Library has rooms on the 13th floor of Tower that are available to be booked.

To book one of the rooms stop by the Library Circulation Desk, call 617-879-7150, or e-mail Any library staff person can book a room for you.
Generally we only reserve a room in advance if it is being booked for a class or a governance committee meeting.

You can book a room for a three-hour block of time. If you do not show up within a half our of the start time of your booking, we will allow others to use the room. During Crits we allow for 24 hour bookings to allow students to do installations. Please note, access to the study rooms is limited to the hours the library is open.

Rooms are kept locked, stop by the Circulation Desk to get your scheduled room unlocked.

ROOM A -- Conference Room
• Seats 14 comfortably.
• Fixed, large glass table.
• Large screen TV, DVD/blu-ray player, Netflix enabled.

ROOM B -- Media Viewing Room
• Seats 12 comfortably around tables.
• All furniture is configurable, tables can be folded and rolled aside. Please contact library staff member if you would like furniture removed from room.
• The room is about 200 square feet and is lined with approximately 44 x 4 square feet of homasote.
• Large screen TV, DVD/blu-ray player, Netflix enabled.
• Box TV with VCR.

ROOM C -- Study Lounge
• Room is suitable for small groups. There are two sofas and a very small table with 4 chairs.
• Assistive technology station for anyone who would like to take advantage of text-to-speech or speech-to-text support. The assistive technology stations come equipped with Read & Write Gold and Dragon Naturally Speaking software. More info:
• Small flat screen TV, DVD/blu-ray, Netflix enabled.