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The Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom

A small tight knit New England community is shaken by the arrival of a newcomer. Meanwhile, a mystical creature quietly affects the lives of the locals.

Direction & Animation: Alan Jennings
Cast: Josh Shaffner, Blake Whitaker, Caitlin Craggs & Beth Murphy
Score: Diego Gaeta
Waterphone: Todd Barton & James Vitz-Wong
Theremin: Gordon Kurowski
Sound Mix: Craig Smith

Dream Phone

Dram Phone

Who--who--who's got a crush on you! Was it all a dream?

This short was an Official Selection for the following: 

  • Yoni Fest 2017, USA
  • Fovéa Film Night 2017, France
  • Simultan Festival 2017, Romania
  • Southern Colorado Film Festival 2017, USA
  • Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival 2017, Ukraine 
  • Jacksonville Documentary Film Festival 2017, USA
  • World of Women Film Festival 2017, Tunisia
  • Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival 2017, South Korea

Between the Lines

Between the Lines

This is a title sequence put together for the film Detroit Rock City. It's a film about 4 kids who are off to see the greatest rock band ever: KISS. Taking place in their adolescent years, these kids are rebelling against anything and everything. The concept riffs off of classroom doodles to emulate the spirit of rebellion.


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