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Integrative Sciences and Biological Arts

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The new Department of Integrative Sciences and Biological Arts at MassArt is an innovative hub for Art+Science integration, collaboration, and public engagement at the college and beyond. The department provides the Science/Math and Social Sciences education components of the MassArt BFA degree program.

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Faculty in the department bring an inter- and cross-disciplinary and hands-on focus to teaching, mentorship, and research, with a strong emphasis on integrating the natural and social sciences, critical thinking, and creativity into the curriculum. We thrive at the intersections of Art, Science, Design, Technology, Society, Math, Nature, and Community/Civic/Public Engagement. The department prioritizes inquiry-based experiential learning, via lab- and field-based courses and research projects. We creatively develop and employ experimental, observational, and empirical methods and comparative/integrative approaches to scientific and artistic exploration in the curriculum.

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