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Anukriti questions who gets to be godly in ‘A Temple for Timeless Beasts’

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MassArt alum Anukriti ’21 (BFA, SIM) came to Boston five years ago to attend Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Anukriti is now exhibiting “A Temple for Timeless Beasts” at Mills Gallery in Boston. In college, they realized they were nonbinary and created an animation titled “Death Of The Woman.” In the film, a masked nude figure receives a glowing orb. “Death of the woman is a process of killing parts of the self that no longer serve one’s truth,” says the narrator.

Identifying as nonbinary freed the artist, they said, “to kill the performative aspects of womanhood within me, to say that this isn’t who I am, and I exist beyond that,” they said. “It’s viewing womanhood as a system that is used to tie us down. It’s patriarchy.

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