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Jasminka Udovicki

Liberal Arts
Tower 529

Jasminka Udovicki has taught at Massart for over 30 years.  With a freshly earned Brandeis University Ph.D, she started out in 1979, at the Longwood Building, teaching American Society. Between then and now she has taught a number of other courses in the area of social sciences and philosophy (e.g., On Truth and Value;  Social Philosophy of Art, etc.) About a dozen years ago, while continuing to teach her other courses, she turned back to her original subject: American Society.  

Race/Class and the American Dream, which took many years of research, examines the social history and present of the color-line. Jasminka is now offering another course in this general area: The Hood: Life and History.

All her courses involve both lectures and in-depth class discussions where various perspectives are encouraged, voiced and examined. She considers it her job to pull together the discussion themes and, with her students, develop a reasoned, fully fleshed-out, factually and theoretically grounded synthesis of all key topics.

Jasminka is the author, and co-author, of three books and a number of articles having to do with the Balkan wars, when she reported from the ground, with Jim Ridgeway, for the Village Voice. The most ambitious of the books, Burn This House, The Making and Unmaking of Yugoslavia -- an academic examination the roots of the wars and the national and international players involved – received praise and is used to this day by specialists in the field.

Ph.D; MA - Brandeis University; B.A., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia