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Course Spotlights

Handel & Haydn collaboration with MassArt's Illustration Dept, Images courtesy of Alexandru Zaharia and MassArt Illustration Majors
CDIL-326 Junior Illustration

One of the essential courses of the Illustration major, CDIL-326 Junior Illustration explores future professional avenues with assignments addressing book, editorial, product, and advertising illustration, emphasizing the roles of interpretation, conceptualization, symbols, and metaphor in the creation of visual language.

Adjustable waist jeans. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Wolf
Creative Economy Business Incubator

The Creative Economy Business Incubator is a one year-long studio elective course that aims to convey an entrepreneurial mindset to students with creative skills. Participants learn how to articulate their artistic practices into a rewarding endeavor.

Disobedient Design
Disobedient Design

Inspired by the protests that started in November 2016, this new studio-hybrid elective examines the power of public activism as it has evolved from letterpress broadsides to today’s acts of technological interventions. Students examine criteria for successful acts of resistance through a variety of project deliverables.

Solar Decathalon
Solar Decathlon

Architecture students and University of Massachusetts Lowell engineering students collaborated on the solar powered "4D Home" for the Solar Decathlon competition in Washington, DC. 


Illustration for Franklin Park Zoo
Professional Illustration for the Community

The goal of this class is to educate students that illustration is not limited to the commercial real, and that their artistic contribution can lead to greater understanding of themselves, the community, and beyond, while enabling them to experience professional assignments from concept to completion.

Structured Light
Structured Light

The interdisciplinary course, Structured Light, engages students in the process of creating large scale, site-specific installations.


Hey Mama
Community Partnership Design

This course explores almost every area involved in print production for graphic designers, including offset printing, printing estimates and working with a printer, binding and finishing paper, pre-press, color separation and color proofing, and halftones and scanning issues.

Student Amanda with her Puppet
Puppet Workshop

An introduction to the basics of movable dynamic figures (possibly human but possibly otherwise) in a variety of materials which respond to the action of the human hand (or, conceivably, other body parts).


Toys for Elephants
Toys for Elephants

In collaboration with Professors Rick and Laura Brown’s Handhouse Studio and the Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford, MA, MassArt presents this intense interdisciplinary course involving multicultural themes, community service, and design/building studies.