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Reflection 621

Reflection 621

Arthur Grau18, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
Reflection 621 | 2016, Solution

An assignment from MDES 602 Storytelling.

This project focused on the student's relationship to their use of technology as the subject. This was captured as a video while at the same time utilizing specific concepts being developed in the  MDES 602 storytelling class. This time-based project, in which the students created 3 different edits, short, shorter and really short. Students began by working in teams of three for the initial development of their narrative and the collecting of video assets. They worked individually to refine the narrative and were responsible for the production of their own story. 

This is one example from the class. A contemplation on old and new technology through the lens of a mother writing a letter to a son about their family dynamic. Letter content is based on a real letter published through the interactive public art service, Type Bar.