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Alumni Leadership Council FAQs

Q. What is the purpose of the MassArt Alumni Leadership Council?
A. The purpose of the MassArt Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) is to be the representative body of the 20,000+ MassArt alumni, who make up the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Alumni Association. The ALC connects with MassArt alumni and fosters mutually beneficial, engaged, and supportive relationships among the college, alumni, and those in the broader MassArt community. Working with the Alumni Relations office, they celebrate, inspire, and support alumni—creatively, professionally, and socially.

Q. What is the structure of the Alumni Leadership Council?
A. The MassArt Alumni Leadership Council is a volunteer board with 21 elected members. Also, the then serving Alumni Relations Director and an elected representative of the Student Government Association both serve on the ALC in an ex-officio capacity.

Q. Who is eligible to serve on the Alumni Leadership Council?
A. MassArt alumni who are matriculated members in good standing of the MassArt Alumni Association may serve on the Alumni Leadership Council. Matriculated members of the Association include all persons holding degrees from MassArt; all persons who have successfully completed at least two semesters or accumulated a total of eighteen (18) credit hours in a MassArt degree program; and all persons who have received a certificate
through MassArt’s Division of Professional and Continuing Education.

Q. If I’m not interested in serving, can I nominate a friend or colleague?
A. If you know of a MassArt alum who you think would be an asset to the Alumni Leadership Council, please nominate the alumna/us or encourage her/him to self-nominate.

Q. How often does the Alumni Leadership Council meet?
A. The Alumni Leadership Council meets four times a year, typically in September, December, March, and June. Additionally, sub-committees of the Alumni Leadership Council meet four to six times a year. ALC meetings are held in the evening, as are most sub-committee meetings. Regular attendance is expected. Currently, all ALC meetings are being held virtually via Zoom.

Q. In addition to attending board and sub-committee meetings, what other commitment is required of a member of the Alumni Leadership Council?
A. Alumni Leadership Council directors are expected to attend at least 4 alumni and other MassArt events per year, to provide financial support for the MassArt Annual Fund, to serve on at least one sub-committee, and act as an ambassador of MassArt. Due to the current pandemic, all MassArt events are being held virtually.

Q. How long is an elected individual’s term?
A. Elected directors shall hold office for a term of three (3) years and in all cases, until their successors are chosen and qualified. Each three (3) year term can be renewed up to two (2) times, but no elected director shall serve as such for more than nine (9) consecutive years.

Q. What is the timeline for candidates?
A. The deadline for nominations is February 7, 2021. The ALC is currently filling three director positions. The ALC Board Development Committee will be reviewing all applications and interviewing candidates between March - April, 2021. We will reach out to all candidates during this time period regarding the status of their application/nomination. The newly elected director will be notified in early June 2021 and will assume office on July 1, 2021.

Q. Who do I contact with further questions about the Alumni Leadership Council?
A. Contact Darlene Gillan, Alumni Relations Director at or 617.879.7050.