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Ceramics SGA

We help introduce the school and our department to contemporary ceramic practices and artists. We are committed to the continuation of the ceramics major and to the accessibility of our studios to MassArt students as a whole. 

Clay for Change

Clay for Change works to connect students at MassArt to the greater community by teaching them about clay practices and how those practices can be used to help others.

MassArt Comics

We aim to provide a creative environment for comic creators to meet up, critique, and make comics.

MassArt Gaming Club

Despite the term "competitive", our main goal is to have fun and make new friends.

Costume Club

We aim to create a costuming club that will allow students to pursue their passion for costume design and creation.


Eventworks is a group of students who produce cutting edge events throughout the year that excite the senses, inspire change, and simultaneously entertain and educate.

Fashion SGA

Our mission is to keep the Fashion Department involved with the rest of the student body and to make sure we are helping our fellow classmates.

Fibers SGA

The Fibers Department emphasizes creative approaches to design, craft, contemporary art, and the accumulation of technical as well as conceptual knowledge.

Film/Video SGA

Our main goal during the academic year is to provide an environment that is inclusive to all students of film. We aim to bridge the gap between the administration of the school and the Film/Video students.

Game Design Club

MassArt Game Design Club seeks to instruct and provide a community for MassArt students who are interested in game development.