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Visiting Artists & Lectures

Visiting artists of diverse backgrounds frequently join the MassArt community for a few days, weeks, or months. Through lectures, slide talks, gallery walkthroughs, symposia, and residencies, these artists share their perspectives on practicing their chosen craft.

Visits often coincide with exhibitions of artists' work, granting MassArt students the unique opportunity to participate in mounting professional installations. While some visits are intimately tied to curricula, others are designed to fill a gap or broaden the student experience.

MassArt's Visiting Artists & Lecture Series Include: Art Ed Speaker Series, Ciné Culture, Fine Arts Lecture Series, History of Art Symposium, Photography Lecture Series, and Tuesday Talks, as well as others.

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Past Visiting Artists & Lectures

Mary Frey

Fall 2020 Photo Lecture Series: Mary Frey

Mary Frey is an artist and educator whose practice spans over 40 years. Her various projects address the nature of the documentary image in contemporary culture.

Keef Knight

Keef Knight

Award Winning Cartoonist Keef Knight shares his Police Brutality slide show and talks about his career in comics and

Mark Dion

Fall 2020 Fine Arts Lecture Series: Mark Dion

Mark Dion (born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1961) lives in New York and works worldwide.

Farah Al Qasimi

Fall 2020 Photo Lecture Series: Farah Al Qasimi

Working primarily with photography, video and performance, Farah AI Qasimi examines postcolonial structures of power, gender and taste in the Gulf Arab states.

Jenni Olson

MassArt Ciné Culture: Jenni Olson

One of the world’s leading experts on LGBT cinema history, Jenni Olson is an independent filmmaker and writer based in Berkeley, California.

Mariela Sancari

Fall 2020 Photo Lecture Series: Mariela Sancari

Mariela Sancari (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1976) has lived and worked in Mexico City since 1997. Her work revolves around truthfulness and fiction in images, using personal narratives to explore the boundaries of the scope of photography as a means of representation.