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Veteran Students

Veterans can experience life overseas in a different way than they may have experienced while in the military. Individuals in some countries might have unexpectedly negative or positive opinions about the U.S. military. It is important to learn about the attitudes that the locals hold regarding the U.S. military and to be mindful of their experiences. You may also want to speak to the Office of Student Financial Assistance about using VA payments for studying abroad.

  • What is the country's public perception of the U.S. and its military?
  • Is there conflict between the U.S. and the country?
  • Is it safe to disclose my veteran status to the country's citizens?
  • Will there be health and counseling services available?
  • How can I pay for the program since the GI Bill prohibits me from paying study abroad "fees" that are not required?
  • Can I use my VA benefits to help fund my study abroad experience? If so, do my courses need to apply to my degree program or can I take other courses of interest?
  • Do the courses need any special approval? Is my program able to make accommodations, including single rooms, private bathrooms and certain roommates?
  • Will it be OK to be the only U.S. student in my program?
  • Do you want to be a part of a veteran community?
  • Are there situations where you would not want to disclose your veteran status?

We encourage you to make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your study abroad plan and any of the topics in this resource guide.

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