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Spring 2021

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Universal Tools


Please use the Campus Scheduling Tool to gain access to campus and universal tools. The scheduling window for weekly access will be open Monday-Wednesday prior for times during the requested week.

Schedule Time

MassArt is pleased to share information  about the growing list of tools and resources available to all Undergraduate and Graduate Students students at the College, regardless of major. These resources have been re-categorized as the "Universal Tools and Resources" to underscore this. Some of these items have been around for a while, and may be familiar, others are new to the College with the opening of the Design and Media Center (DMC) last spring.

Digital Makers Studio

The Digital Makers Studio is a new space in the DMC where we're planning to introduce new and developing technologies that have potential applications across majors. This studio will be the home of the Laser Cutter, and is also the home of a new open computer lab, both of which we describe in more detail below. Over time we hope to introduce new technologies into the space, such as 3D printers, digital die-cutters, and more.

Laser Lab 

The Laser lab operates as a service bureau.

Work requests will be submitted online by email to Staff will monitor this account, and schedule work accordingly. You must supply specific information via this process:

  • name
  • email
  • cell phone
  • class & instructor (if applicable)
  • due date
  • brief description of the work to be done
  • dimensions of finished work and the raw materials
  • attached file(s) for cutting

Laser cutting and vector etching requests must be submitted as PDF or Adobe Illustrator files.

Special note for Architecture students: it is especially important that AutoCAD files be scaled before cutting and printed as PDFs. We will import the PDFs into Illustrator, and for files created with the Student Edition of AutoCAD, we will remove the branded watermarks and boundary frame.

Raster etching requests can be submitted as PDF, Adobe Illustrator, or PhotoShop files. Since these files may be too large for email, describe the work and we will contact you about uploading the file(s).

Guidelines for preparing files, as well as an introduction to the Laser Lab, images of cutting and engraving samples, and more, can be found at A MassArt NetID is required to access the site.

After reviewing a work request, we will contact clients about dropping off materials. This will be coordinated via cell phone; a time will be set up for materials to be dropped off on a table outside D-311, after which the materials will be brought inside D-311. We will impose a 24 hour quarantine for the materials, with an extra day for acrylic, prior to cutting and engraving. Note: in addition to the raw materials to be cut/etched, please supply an appropriate container for the finished work.

Expect some back-and-forth emails and/or texts regarding the files and materials, specifics about cutting and engraving, and especially the time required for the job. Jobs requiring more than two hours of cutting time may need to be reworked, or resubmitted as multiple jobs. After that, work will be scheduled. When work is finished, the process will be reversed.

We can’t stress enough, the need to be flexible, as we’re not sure the extent to which we can promise work to be done by specific dates. Again, we haven't done this before; it will be a learning experience.

We have staff to help with questions and issues that are department specific – handling specific issues involving processes only a fellow major would know. We also welcome folks who have never used the laser; we can advise on all manner of cutting & engraving, including what the laser can and cannot do. We can help create files and choose materials. This service will be provided via email, phone, and Zoom.

Open Computer Lab
Also located in D311, the Open Computer Lab is available for students during campus access hours. The space is equipped with 9 iMacs running the Adobe suite software package, USB charging stations and a dedicated color laser printer.

Sound Studio

Location: D310

Located on the 3rd floor of the DMC, the new Sound Studio is available to all MassArt students. First, the studio serves to teach classes on sound recording, composition and editing. Secondly, it serves students working on audio projects, scoring and other production in stereo or multiple surround sound formats.

Documentation Room

The Documentation Room located in D317 serves as a space for students to photograph artwork. Equipped  with black and white roll paper for backdrops, a camera with tripod and two LED lights on stands. Additional equipment may be reserved from Tech Central. 

lighting installation rooms

A photo of room D306A photo of an installation in D307










Location: D306 & D307

Lighting Installation Rooms are minimally furnished these rooms are painted entirely black and have 12 foot ceilings that support full hanging grids. They can also be used for documentation. 

D307 Installation photo courtesy of Liv Anagnost '17 BFA Animation

Public Space

Access hours: 7:00am - 11:45pm
Reservation system: Contact Claudia LeClair

There are many public spaces across campus reserved through the office of College and Visiting Events, located in Student Development on the 2nd floor of Kennedy. These areas are available to students for art installations and other activities. Examples include, Courtyard, DMC Atrium, Tower Lobby and the new outdoor podiums in front of the DMC.


Location: D002/D004

The Woodshop is located on the lower level of the DMC. The Studio Managers work diligently to make this state of the art facility a safe and efficient resource for everyone.

The Woodshop is available during scheduled hours to MassArt students who are currently enrolled in a course which uses the woodshop for class, or have successfully completed one of the following gateway courses: TBA/3DTD-201 Projects in Wood, EDAD-202 Methods and Materials,  EDAD-307 Furniture Design, or who have participated in a scheduled group training session.

Woodshop Studio Managers can be reached at 617.879.7919 or by MassArt email:


Electronic Projects Studio

Location: North 271
Access hours: 7:00am - 11:00pm
Reservation system: current student who has taken a class using the  studio, or special permission. Contact Fred Wolflink, Associate Studio Director - New Technologies at

Established in 1994, the Electronic Projects Studio is a multidisciplinary space for creating artworks that incorporate  electronics and computers. The studio supports analog and digital  circuitry, micro-controllers such as the popular Arduino, development  platforms such as the Raspberry Pi (R-π), and multimedia programming  languages such as Processing, Max 7, and PureData.

Students in every department in the school have worked in the space. Classes regularly taught include: Electronic Projects for Artists I and II, Elements of Media I & II, Advanced Digital Projects, and Internet Culture & Techniques. The studio is available for workshops and course modules such as creating sound transducers for Studio Foundation, introducing electronics to Industrial Design seniors, and electrical safety. Access to the space is by permission or having taken a class or workshop.