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The ReStore is an on-campus free store, dedicated to the collecting and redistributing of useful and possibly unusual art materials and items.

Sculpture SGA

The Sculpture Department at MassArt is a community that aims to promote education, safety, and understanding of three-dimensional art in the greater global context.

Student Galleries

The mission of the Student Galleries group is to get students excited about having shows on campus and help them develop the logistical skills to showcase their work in the future!


SIM is dedicated to facilitating a community of innovators; through a diverse arts-based curriculum, SIM is able to enrich the minds of its students and prepare students for a career in the art world.

Tabletop Club

Tabletop Club is dedicated to playing, making, and talking about tabletop games. This includes board games, card games, Dungeons and Dragons, and more.

The Well

The Well is a Christian community of love, acceptance, and forgiveness for all who believe doubt, and seek. All are welcomed to explore what their faith could mean to them while they are at MassArt and do that while in community with others who are also in their own various faith journeys.