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Photography SGA

We hope to further engage students within the Photography Department in SGA and also host the annual Photo Book Auction.

Printmaking SGA

The MassArt Printmaking Department is a unique, thoughtful group of students working together to share ideas, generate exciting coursework, and prepare for career-furthering opportunities outside our major.

Queer Artists Collective
Queer Artists Collective (QAC)

MassArt's Queer Artists Collective (QAC) creates a safe place for queer people to gather and discuss changes that need to be made to make MassArt more intersectional and inclusive.

Restore drawing

The ReStore provides gently used goods (art supplies, clothing, etc.) to students so they may give these items new life in their own way.

Sculpture SGA

The Sculpture Department at MassArt is a community that aims to promote education, safety, and understanding of three-dimensional art in the greater global context.

Student Galleries
Student Galleries

The Student Galleries Aalows our students to display their work, curate exhibitions and work collaboratively in order to familiarize them with the gallery setting.

Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM)

This major is designed for artists who are interested in interdisciplinary, and non-media specific work, along with student collaborations and self-governance throughout the program.

Tabletop Club
Tabletop Club

We provide a space for people to have fun both through playing boards game and though spending time with other people.

The Well
The Well

The Well is a Christian community of love, acceptance, and forgiveness for all who believe, doubt, and seek. All are welcomed to explore what their faith could mean to them while they are at MassArt and do that while in community with others who are also in their own various faith journeys.