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The MassArt Ukulele Club & Friends are a weekly meeting of ukulele-enthused students hoping to find a place to jam, learn how to play the ukulele, to sing, and/or to make friends.

MassArt Philanthropy Program

The purpose of MAPP is to educate, engage and excite current MassArt students about the importance and impact of supporting MassArt after graduation and to prepare students to be active and engaged participants in the alumni community. 

Multicultural Arts Association

Our mission is to help promote cultural versatility and for international students to have a common space to share their experiences and to provide international students with the resources and funds to celebrate their culture and festivals. 


We maintain the relationship between MassArt and the NAEA to help our fellow student gain access to other artist teachers in the field and to have a better understanding of what to expect after graduation.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor Adventure Club brings enthusiasts together gaining respect and admiration for both each other and the environment we live in.

Painting SGA

Representing the Painting Department through SGA, we provide a voice and connection for painters to the student body at large.


PHENOM unites the faculty, staff, students, and others within community colleges and state universities to create one powerful voice for the public higher education community of Massachusetts.

Photography SGA

We hope to further engage students within the Photography Department in SGA and also host events for the entire student body that will help engage them in photography.

Printmaking SGA

The MassArt Printmaking Department is a unique, thoughtful group of students working together to share ideas, generate exciting coursework, and prepare for career-furthering opportunities outside our major.

Queer Artists Collective

MassArt's Queer Artists Collective (QAC) brings many opportunities for all students that are part of the LGBTGIAA community to take part in discussions, bring awareness of the queer community, attend fun events on campus, and take part in trips to places around Boston and beyond!