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Get Involved

In addition to the groups listed below, students have the opportunity to join the following Affinity Groups in order to build relationships and community in safe spaces:

• Queer Artist Collective (QAC)
• Artists of Color Unions (ACU) - Please email us if you identify with and are interested in joining a Latinx Artists Union, Asian Artists Union and/or Indigenous Artists Union. (These are unofficial group titles and are subject to change with feedback from members of each group as they become established).

Contact for information on any of the affinity groups and visit for more information about the Office of Justice, Equity and Transformation.

MassArt Basketball

We hope to hold a strong team that gets together weekly to play basketball, have fun and release stress.

MassArt Music Society

The goal of MassArt Music Society is to create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for students from all of the COF schools to come make friends and play music!

MassArt Philanthropy Program
MassArt Philanthropy Program (MAPP)

The purpose of MAPP is to educate, engage and excite current MassArt students about the importance and impact of supporting MassArt after graduation and to prepare students to be active and engaged participants in the alumni community. 

Multicultural Arts Association
Multicultural Arts Association (MAA)

Our mission is to help promote cultural versatility and inclusivity on campus.

National Art Education Association (NAEA)

The purpose of NAEA is to provide an opportunity of professional growth and development for artists and educators at MassArt.

Outdoor Adventure Club
Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC)

Outdoor Adventure Club gets students out of the city and into nature!

Painting SGA

Representing the Painting Department through SGA, we provide a voice and connection for painters to the student body at large.

Photography SGA

We hope to further engage students within the Photography Department in SGA and also host the annual Photo Book Auction.

Printmaking SGA

The MassArt Printmaking Department is a unique, thoughtful group of students working together to share ideas, generate exciting coursework, and prepare for career-furthering opportunities outside our major.

Queer Artists Collective
Queer Artists Collective (QAC)

MassArt's Queer Artists Collective (QAC) creates a safe place for queer people to gather and discuss changes that need to be made to make MassArt more intersectional and inclusive.