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Natalia Dominguez

Natalia Dominguez
Natalia Dominguez20, MEd, Art Education

"The MEd program at MassArt is providing me with competitive leadership, research and advocacy skills to be an action researcher."

Natalia Margarita Dominguez is a first-generation Mexican-American artist-teacher. She first learned of MassArt's Masters of Education program, on the last day of the 2018 TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) six day summer institute. While expanding her teaching philosophy, which she calls "The Right to Art," she researched several graduate programs. MassArt’s prestigious professors and leading edge in art history, art pedagogy, and art research inspired her to pursue the MEd program. 

Her professors at MassArt inspire her to advocate for each of her students, inclusive of their gender identity, immigration status, cultural background, language, and the color of their skin. She currently teaches art full time at an elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas, where she has taught for nine years.