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Mel Forster

Mel Forster
Mel Forster16, Certificate, Furniture Design

Mel Forster had studied architecture at another college for two years, but decided it was not the right match for her. She worked various jobs in the Boston area, and decided to try Continuing Education at MassArt. Over the next two years, Mel enrolled in a variety of furniture design, ceramics and drawing classes.

Mel describes her experience with Continuing Education as: "I became excited about art again through Continuing Education classes... I regained confidence in my ability to learn and grow. My teachers were encouraging and inspiring." After building up her confidence and portfolio, Mel decided to enroll at MassArt as a BFA student in Industrial Design. She says that so far, the program is, "a challenge for sure, but it is providing me with the kind of challenges I want to work with in the world."