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Mayuri Saxena

Mayuri Saxena
Mayuri Saxena21, MFA, Dynamic Media Institute (DMI)

"DMI, with its defined curriculum, provides students with an opportunity to create something extraordinary every time.”

The groundbreaking work of Dynamic Media Institute students motivated Mayuri Saxena, a graduate student from India, to study at MassArt. In 2017, she earned her undergraduate degree in Lifestyle Accessory Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Hyderabad, India. Next she worked in the creative discipline of product & interactive digital media, with an emphasis on visual experience strategy for consumers & enterprises. 

Now her focus on interactivity carries over into her MassArt studies. For her recent project, “You Are Here”, she created an interactive piece that helps people create their own mandalas, patterns symbolizing greater connection to oneself. Her goal was to make the user realize their presence in a particular place, for a particular experience.