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Marc Holland

Marc Holland
Marc Holland00, BFA, Sculpture

Marc Holland attended MassArt between 1995-2000 as a non-traditional student, a 30 year old freshman. Marc describes his time at MassArt as "a major transformative experience in my life."

Prior to his time at MassArt, Marc studied photojournalism at New England School of Photography, and he worked in the newspaper industry. Upon teaching his first class, he knew he found his calling, and he decided to pursue a teaching career at the college level.

"Coming to MassArt as a 30-year-old was an absolute privilege. I couldn't wait to come to school every day. Before coming to MassArt, I had never taken a drawing class, or any art class. I was scared to death in my first drawing class, as I was in all of my classes, but quickly realized that if I worked incredibly hard, I could do it, and I did. The terrifying fear quickly turned to excitement, and I couldn't wait to get to class each day. I had no idea that all of these courses, which seemed so unnecessary, would eventually connect to make me a much better artist/photographer." 

Marc later became the Chair of Studio Foundation at MassArt and he believes that "MassArt decided for me. As a MassArt student, I used to tell myself that if I were fortunate enough to return to MassArt and teach, I would be the luckiest person alive... I sincerely meant that at the time, and still feel that way today."