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Kristen Palana

Kristen Palana
Kristen Palana98, BFA, Painting

"My entire life is outside my comfort zone and I love every minute of it. MassArt really did make me fearless!"

When Kristen Palana first came to MassArt, she was excited to experience the world and make a positive impact. She initially felt overwhelmed and was afraid to speak up in class or to her professors. She eventually learned to step outside of her comfort zone, to express her thoughts, and to step up her work ethic. Her painting degree has helped her gain jobs where she distinguished herself because of her artistic eye and knowledge of the fine arts, even in a digital environment.

Kristen has always loved social activism and service, especially in developing countries. In her nineteen plus years of teaching experience, she has empowered ordinary people around the globe to communicate effectively and tell their own stories through a variety of media. She's currently making illustrations, digital paintings, web graphics, and social media animations for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Malawi, something she has dreamed about since her twenties.