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Jhennipher Cambraia

Jhennipher Cambraia
Jhennipher Cambraia18, BFA, Fashion Design

Jhennipher Cambraia started taking classes at MassArt when she was 16 years old. She noted, "That's a long time to stay at one school, but [I've] stayed because of all of the skills I have acquired, [and because] of the way these skills have influenced my design work." Jhennipher also participates in the Compass program, a mentoring program that supports undergraduate students with advising, tutoring, and navigating issues of transition in academic, creative, social, cultural and personal areas. 

In Fall 2017, Jhennipher's design work was chosen to be displayed at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in the Prudential Center in Boston, Massachusetts. In her own words: "The Fashion Department can definitely be overwhelming, but I think some of the best work comes from the moments where you step out of your comfort zone."