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Dominique Litif-Nelson

Dominique Litif-Nelson
Dominique Litif-Nelson21, BFA, Printmaking

“I’ve learned to create without any expectations, especially in printmaking -- anything can go wrong. But to understand how forgiving an art form can be then mistakes are embraced.” 

Dominique’s first memory of creativity was in her living room. She heard her mother teach how different patterns of lines can create artistic expressions of emotion. As she struggled to communicate her feelings to her parents, art helped her channel these emotions. 

Dominique began studying art during her freshman year of high school, so it was no surprise that she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her art teachers and attend MassArt. Her professors at MassArt have taught her that errors are commonplace in the practice of printmaking, but they also have helped her embrace these mistakes, and channel it into something greater. Dominique's artwork centers around the feeling of displacement she experiences as a child of mixed race.