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Alyssa Rolli

Alyssa Rolli
Alyssa Rolli20, BFA/MA, Art Education

"MassArt has inspired me to fully embrace my sense of self-expression."

Alyssa Rolli came to MassArt so that she could teach and make art in a community full of like-minded creatives. During her time at MassArt, she has worked in various environments - including teaching Saturday Studios, artmaking classes for elementary and high school students. This student teaching experience has taught her valuable communication skills. 

Her current work focuses mostly on collage as a medium and takes heavy inspiration from fashion and feminism. Right now, she’s designing patterns for a Textile Design class to incorporate them in her collages. Her love for fashion blossomed at an early age, and even now you can find her on campus dressed from head to toe in pink.