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State Equity Agenda

The Equity Agenda (PDF image)

The DHE will develop a statewide strategic plan focused on equity, to be reflected in our policies, programs, and initiatives. The expectation is that, by doing so, the Massachusetts system of public higher education will enhance economic and social mobility for all citizens, but particularly for those that have historically been underserved and underrepresented, especially students of color, throughout all levels of education.

The MassArt 2018-2023 Strategic Plan holds justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion at the core of our ongoing work. This focus on social justice and equity mutually influences initiatives spanning across both our institutional strategic plan and the state's equity agenda as we continue to integrate these actions at local and system levels.

The Equity Agenda (PDF)

The New Undergraduate Experience outlines the shared principles across the 29 campuses with a special focus on closing racial/ethnic equity gaps in retention and completion.

New Undergraduate Experience (PDF)