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Spring 2021

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Spring 2021 Academics

Our academic program planning to date has consistently been guided by dedication to the health and safety of our community, continuing our highest-quality education, and remaining a sustainable university. We learned many lessons in the fall that will be carried into the spring semester, making another phased approach to campus unnecessary.

As you wrap up for the fall and get ready for the spring term, please keep the following details in mind:

  • Be mindful of all possible scenarios for when classes resume in January. We are hopeful for a bright start to the semester, but need to be prepared for potential infection rate spikes that may force a campus closure or delayed (hybrid) openings; plan ahead and bring your essential items home with you for the break in case this happens. The kits the College sent out in the fall are intended to equip you with the essentials for completing coursework wherever you are. We cannot guarantee any level of access if another shutdown is imposed by the public health authorities. In that event all courses would revert to remote delivery. Be prepared and give thought to what you need to take with you over the break!
  • Classes will resume on Monday, January 25th, with both hybrid and remote classes started on that date. Be sure to check email and/or contact your instructor to see if there are special instructions for the first class meeting.
  • Refer to the Campus Health and Safety section of this spring planning update for guidance on protocols for returning to campus for the spring semester.
  • We are starting later in January to provide more time for testing prior to arrival back on campus, for positive cases from holiday gatherings to surface, and to allow more time for possible vaccine based solutions to come forward. As a result of the late start there will be no Spring Break. This extra precaution also helps to limit further exposures from travel and new social environments, and ensures fewer interruptions to classes and learning.
  • Fixed access such as on campus class meetings and majors studio access will begin with the start of classes on Monday, January 25th. The scheduling tool (link) will continue for requesting weekly access to studios, shops, and study spaces. Scheduling for weekly access to spaces will begin on Monday, February 1st, and the Campus Access Scheduling Tool will be activated on Sunday, January 24th (through January 28th) for scheduling time the week of February 1st. Requests for recurring study space access may be made prior to the start of the semester by contacting
  • There are no substantive changes to space use for the spring semester from what was implemented in the fall semester. Most studio and classroom assignments will remain in place with only a few exceptions. Specifics about departmental plans are located in the "department notes" (link) section below.
  • As in the fall, spring access to campus will be done in a planned, scheduled way that helps us track access and control the number of individuals across campus.

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