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MassArt has partnered with American Student Assistance (ASA), a nonprofit that created the website SALT to help students pay for college, manage their loans, and control their finances. Students get free access to the website, and we work with ASA to reach out to students and promote the site.

SALT contains a wealth of financial information and advice, and there are many ways to use the site. Here's a look:

Access the site

Go to to sign up and create a profile. The site will then display custom content based on your grade level and type of degree.

Manage Your Loans

In the Loan Help section at the top, use the "Know What You Owe" feature to import your loans. SALT has access to the National Student Loan Data System, so anytime you visit SALT, you can view up-to-date info on the loans that you have borrowed.

After you have imported your loans, continue on to "Review Loan Payment Plans." Based on the amount you have borrowed, you can view estimated monthly payments for different repayment plans.

Learn About Money

Navigate to the Courses section at the top. SALT has designed quick interactive courses to help you learn about topics like budgeting, credit, and taxes.

Get Student Loan Advice

When you start repaying your loans, take advantage of SALT's dedicated loan counselors for neutral advice. Contact them at or 877.523.9473.

Search Jobs and Internships

Check out the Job and Internship Search tool in the "Tools & Apps" part of the Resources section.

Find Answers to Your Questions

Anytime you have a money question, return to the website and type a keyword into the search bar at the top. SALT probably has an answer!