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Racial and Ethnic Minority Students

As someone who is living as a racial or ethnic minority, you may already have developed skills to thrive while living in the U.S. Some returnees say that studying abroad was a nice break! However, you should still prepare for the cultural adjustment you’ll experience when traveling abroad.

  • How is my racial/ethnic group perceived in my host country?
  • What are the cultural norms in the host country?
  • Will I experience any form of discrimination?
  • How should I react if I find something offensive?
  • If I am living with a host family, have they housed students from my background before?
  • Will there be other minority students in the program?
  • Who will I contact if I experience racial or discriminatory incidents?
  • Does the program have support staff that can help me if an incident occurs?
  • Are there additional funding sources I can look into?
  • Am I used to being part of the majority at home but will be a minority abroad, or vice versa?
  • What kind of stereotypes exist there?
  • Are there any safety considerations to be aware of?

We encourage you to make an appointment with MassArt's Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your study abroad plan and any of the topics in this resource guide.

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