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Provost Planned Search Timeline


October 15 Search Committee Chairs/President Grant meet with Lindauer team

Nov 9 - 10

Lindauer team conducts site visit at MassArt; intake conversations with campus leadership, staff, faculty, students, members of the Board

By Dec 1 Position posted; full leadership profile finalized

Nov - Dec

Lindauer research and networking to identify candidates


January 18, Feb 11 & Feb 25

Search Committee meetings to discuss mitigating bias in search process, evaluation rubric, and interview questions

Week of Feb 28 Search Committee meeting to review recommended candidate pool and select candidates (6-8) for first-round interviews. Committee will receive materials and search firm recommendations in advance of the meeting.

Weeks of March 14- March 28

Search Committee conducts zoom interviews with first-round candidates. Finalists recommended.

April 8 - April 29

Finalists visit MassArt for 1-2 days each

Early May

Offer negotiated and finalized. New Provost announced.