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Presidential Search

letter from search committee chair saragoni

May 4, 2021

Dear MassArt Community: 

I am delighted to tell you that at today’s Board of Higher Education meeting, Dr. Mary K. Grant was approved as the new President of Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Below please find the press announcement of Dr. Grant’s appointment, which is being shared today with multiple media outlets covering higher education, Greater Boston, Massachusetts, and New England.

I want to express my deep appreciation to all of you for your enthusiastic engagement and support throughout our search for a new president for MassArt. 

Please join me and the members of the Board of Trustees and the Presidential Search Committee in extending a warm welcome to Mary Grant as the next president of MassArt. As the plans take shape for Dr. Grant’s transition to MassArt, we will keep you informed.  


Janice M. Saragoni, M.P.A.
Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Chair, MassArt Board of Trustees

Read the Press Release

presidential search committee members

Jan Saragoni, Chair (BOT)
Georgia Bell (SGA)
Ruth Bradshaw (AFSME)
Catarina Coelho (APA)
Sondra Grace (MSCA)
Winifred Hagen (BHE)
John Intoppa (BOT)
Adriana Katzew (MSCA)
Karen Keane (BOT)
Howard LaRosee (NUP)
Deirdre Nectow (Foundation)
Lyssa Palu-ay (JET)
Aretha Pereira (SGA)
Xavia Hill Prater (SGA)
Soon-Mi Yoo (MSCA)

professional staff to the search (non-voting)

Alisa Chapman
Affirmative Action Representative

Susana Segat
Liaison to the Committee

Katie Westerlind
Secretary to the Committee

Gina Yarbrough
General Counsel

Board of Trustees Charge to the Presidential Search Committee
  • With the help of Massachusetts College of Art and Design community and search firm, prepare a statement of desired presidential characteristics necessary to realize those opportunities and challenges.

  • Conduct an active, national and even international search to attract a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates.

  • Serve as ambassadors for Massachusetts College of Art and Design in energetically promoting the institution’s strengths and values.

  • Work in partnership with the search firm to organize and implement the search process, including communications with candidates and references, maintenance of records, and arrangements for interviews.

  • Maintain absolute confidentiality concerning the names of candidates and discussions within the Committee throughout the search and beyond. 

  • Make regular reports to the Board and to members of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design community about the progress of the search process while maintaining confidentiality about candidates.

  • If appropriate and possible within candidates’ need for confidentiality, organize a process for introducing final candidates to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design community and Board of Trustees and collect feedback from candidates' visits to inform the committee's decision.  

  • Recommend to the Board three final candidates, unranked, with substantiation of the Committee’s conclusions that the candidate(s) meet the criteria originally set forth