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Gotel Animation 2016

David Meyers18, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
Raquel Meneses18, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
Chuyang Chen18, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
The Gotel Project | 2017, Solution

An assignment from MDES 601 Experience Design Lab.

This was a team project assignment focused on Autonomous Mobility. There is a paradigm shift happening in personal mobility. Many car companies are taking the lead set by Google to pursue the idea of “driverless cars” and what this technology can offer consumers and opportunities for businesses and services. This technology may also eventually dictate how cities are designed. Students were challenged to consider service and experience design solutions that embrace this growing need.

Gotel is the result of the exploration of the opportunities that the autonomous vehicles in the hospitality and travel experience. Gotel utilizes an autonomous vehicle platform to create a seamless hospitality experience. The vehicles serves as both transport and lodging, whether you're traveling cross country or locally your destination has already "arrived." See how Gotel can transform the travel experience by turning lost time in transit into memories, productivity, and relaxation.