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Applying to Semester Away

The earlier you begin planning your study abroad program, the more options you will have.


Get Information

Attend a Study Abroad Information Session
 Read the International Education Center webpages
Create a login and submit a Study Abroad Intake Form on Studio Abroad
 Plan your classes: 

  • Meet with your faculty advisor in your department to check that you are eligible to study abroad for a semester
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor in the Academic Resource Center (8th Floor, Tower) to map out your graduation plan

Think about your budget:

  • Use this planner to create a semester abroad budget then discuss your plan with anyone helping you pay for school
  • Talk to the MassArt Office of Financial Services about what aid you have, how much of it is eligible for study abroad and scholarships available for your application

Consider your medical situation:

  • If you take medications, speak with your doctor about traveling with them
  • If you have any medical conditions or require accommodations for disabilities, speak with your doctors, therapists, counselors and advisers before planning any travel


Things to consider when choosing a program/programs to apply to:

  • Length: Semester, Summer or MassArt Travel Course?
  • Location: Urban/Rural? Certain cities, countries, regions?
  • Language: What other languages do you speak? In what language is the abroad program taught?
  • Cost: Consider the cost and budget compared to what you pay at MassArt now
  • Scholarships: Research and apply for scholarships. Many scholarship deadlines are earlier than the application deadlines

Once you've considered these things, search for programs on Studio Abroad.


Once you know the programs you would like to apply to, you will need to complete: 

 An IEC Semester Away Learning Agreement for each away program
Studio Abroad Forms (Complete necessary online documents)
An application for each of the abroad programs to which you would like to apply. Most require a portfolio, transcript, statement and application. They are all unique so be sure to carefully read and double check each one before meeting with the MassArt Study Abroad Advisor


Yea! You've been accepted! Yikes! Now what? Here's a checklist of the things you need to do before you leave:

 Studio Abroad Forms
 Pre-Departure Orientation
 Insurance (GeoBlue Insurance is mandatory for all Exchange Programs and recommended for all other programs. Please use the group access code: EYJ-9948 under "Do you have a Group Access Code?" to obtain a quote.)
 If you take medications, speak with your doctor about traveling with them, figure out what medications you can get abroad and how to fill prescriptions with your insurance provider
 Meet with Financial Aid (if applicable)
 Meet with Amy Holland, Study Abroad Advisor, before departure


Amy Holland
Study Abroad Advisor
617.879.7717 •