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Bashezo17, MFA, Sculpture
2. Blackened Corridor | 2017, Performance

Artist Statement
Within institutional settings a haunting resides in my work ... these phenomena emerge like sticky lingerings of comingled residues of lived experiences. They blur modernity’s illusions of space and place and are inherently polytemporal. The energetic reverberations of marginalized presences, known and unknown, in flesh and in spirit, assemble themselves in my work as tangible and often embodied phantoms. These beings carry with them navigation legacies of numerous hostile territories, labor, and subjugated positionalities yet they still retain their ability to be radical sites of personal and social liberation and transformation.

Through installation and performance, I strive for ephemeral third spaces that tap into the expansiveness and nuance of black and brown queer and trans lives along with our dynamic imaginings of being and belonging. The materials I use function as a means to disrupt traditional Euro-American high art aesthetics and socio-cultural normativities. They are intentionally unexceptional and the material culture implications they possess amplify the everyday violence people of color experience as well as some of the articulations of Identity-in-Politics. The physicality of the work relies on a peregrination of sensorial experiences, movement, and ancestral reverence. Ultimately, my work employs multiple mediums to explore fraught spaces and social interconnectivities.