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Emily Vallee17, MFA, Photography
Neck of Anserini | 2017, Photograph

Part of the series, Of Blood & Bone

Artist Statement
Can we shift, if for only a moment, away from our human condition, to imagine what it may be like to breathe through a different set of lungs or to feel the damp earth wedge between the cracks in our skin? In this body of work I aim to spur a cognition of sorts, to kindle biophilia. Opportunity arises from the images to envision a primal, perhaps more animalistic version of ourselves. 

Humankind has furrowed an ever deepening divide between ‘self’ and ‘nature’ and the need for a direct connection to its brambles, dirt and creatures has waned. We innovate, hurtle forward and create fathoms of waste - but can we take into consideration beings other than ourselves? 

I have been photographing the forests of New England, primarily of Vermont, Massachusetts and New York for years. Influenced by my upbringing in a farming family of northern Vermont, making images always begins with my often indescribable bond to the natural world. In my practice, I make photographs with the notion that the camera is an extension of my body. Recording the traces left upon the land is central to my work. The work uncovers a kind of perception that feels immediate and primary, pushing against a preconceived version of nature.

if i am fox 
if i am vole 
if i am deer 
if i am bone 
if i am blood