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Fall Walk

Homa Sarabi-Daunais17, MFA, Film/Video
Fall Walk | 2017, Video

Fall Walk, is a collaborative video project, initiated in 2015 right after Homa moved to the United States as a student. The limitations such as long geographical and time distance, terminating her relationships and reshaping her communication experiences led her to improvise new ways of reconnection with her home, friends, and family.

This project is a series of videos - currently seven videos - documenting the performance of two walkers - including Homa - in two different cities (predominantly Boston and Tehran) across the world, attempting to simultaneously navigate the cities following the same directions. Performers are connected through phone calls and have specific destinations to reach. Several rules and conditions lead the Walkers through a processes which aims a virtual physical connection between the bodies.

Videos are presented as two channel installations with sound and accompanied with self designed and drawn maps hanging on the walls.