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Landon L. Newton17, MFA, Photography
Abortion Wallpaper | 2016, 2D Artwork

Aloe, Juniper, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary.

Artist Statement
My research-driven practice concerns itself with the history of herbal abortion and abortifacient plants, or the historical and contemporary use of plants and herbs that aid in abortion and birth control. The use of herbs for birth control and abortion is as longstanding as the use of plants and herbs in culinary and medicinal practices. What are of particular interest to me are the polarized systems of knowledge emerging from this history. On one side lies the dominant, Western, cis-male system of medicine. In its opposition, lies the herbalist doctor, non-Western, non cis-male, female, body with uterus. My work’s aim has been to link the academic and practical application of these abortifacient herbs in both visual and written ways. This work seeks to ultimately be non-binary, non-male v. female but inclusive to all bodies, uterus or not. I create both site-responsive installations and images, which serve to complicate the subverted history of herbal abortion practices. Through the use of installation, photography and site-responsive sculpture I work to create new spaces in which knowledge surrounding abortifacient plants and herbs can be shared and celebrated.