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Saul Levine

Saul Levine
North 279b

“Saul Levine is the foremost dissenting filmmaker in America. With about 35 years of consistent production behind him, and no signs of fatigue, he can show us the shape of a life passionately and uncompromisingly devoted to filmmaking. His works are high-energy messages of friendship, records of sexual love and political activism, radiated by humor, prophetic anger, loneliness and even though rarely, representing repose. His incessant, chaotic outpouring of political energy seems less geared to a naïve notion of bettering the world than to a perpetual pressure to keep it from getting worse.” - P. Adams Sitney.

B.A., Clark University; MFA, Chicago Art Institute
Professional Experience: 


  • 2016 - Beton 7 V_Ideas/Performance Festival, Athens, Greece
  • 2016 - (S8) Peripheral Film Festival - A Coruña, España
  • 2016 - RADICAL INTIMACIES 8mm Cinema of Saul Levine, Redcat, Lost Angeles, CA
  • 2016 - "Saul Levine: Notes of the World," Los Angeles Filmform
  • 2016 - Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles
  • 2016 - Introduction to Marjorie Keller Program, Gene Siskel Film Center SAIC, Chicago, IL
  • 2016 - "Intimacies," Gene Siskel Film Center SAIC, Chicago
  • 2016 - "Three Notes by Saul Levine," Light Industry, New York City



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