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Joe Blair18, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
Arthur Grau18, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
Chad DeSisto18, MDes, Design Innovation (MDes)
More Human | 2017, Solution


Discover opportunities for elevated user experiences, threats to existing services, markets for early adoption, and ways to redefine the use of autonomous vehicles.


Media production company supporting autonomous services for unsheltered people.

The street is rich with talents, stories and people to share them. More Human Transmedia Productions builds on Reality TV to create an inimitable entertainment experience across formats and channels. Stories become currency to earn services and benefits, like a place to sleep. More Human provides places to clean and rest to homeless and at risk urban dwellers. Services are paid for by producing high-quality localized reality video and audio content. People who use the service receive access, networking and training.


  • Initial research on autonomous vehicles current state. Primary interviews with providers & researchers.
  • Literature review.
  • Primary interviews with commuters, users. 
  • Development of personas & commuter profiles
  • Urban commuter Insights on commuter behavior drafted. 
  • Compare and contrast user insights with research and primary interviews. 
  • Proposal One of draft concepts:
    • Autonomous maker toolkits
    • Humanitarian response autonomous vehicles
    • Delivery service vehicles and product lockers 
  • Group deliberation and client reversal.
    • Proposal concepts are not compelling or revealing sufficient innovation to move the group forward. 
  • Revisit commuter personas. Distilled to one commuter/media consumer persona.
  • Revisited humanitarian proposal.
  • New round user research. Additional literature review
  • Primary interviews with homeless and service providers
  • Extensive re-envisioning of original design sketches.
  • Expand service design to include all possible interventions for target audience: men without permanent housing 
  • Reduce service offering to MVP: Stories for a Place to Stay.
  • Media production company supporting homeless service autonomous-bus.
  • Develop moods, analogous examples,
  • Propose experience process for both media consumer & homeless service seeker.
  • Refine experience process to include considerations for accessibility and delight with both target audiences.
  • Create experience design simulation and point of view videos to demonstrate user discovery of all features of product.