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Student Withdrawal & Financial Aid Reduction Policy

Student Withdrawals

  • If a student officially withdraws prior to the first day of the semester:
    100% reduction of Student Charge (Tuition & Fee) less a forfeiture of the student deposit

  • If a Student officially withdraws during the first two weeks of the semester:
    50% reduction of Student Charge (Tuition & Fee)
  • If a Student officially withdraws from the beginning of the third week on:
    0% reduction of Student Charge (Tuition & Fee)

Please Note: Failure to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal from the semester. The Student is required to submit the appropriate forms.

Financial Aid Withdrawal & Reduction Policy

Massachusetts College of Art & Design adheres to the Federal policy whereby Student Financial Aid is earned during the semester by the Students' attendance of academic classes.

Should a Student withdraw from the academic semester or cease attending classes, his or her Student Financial Aid is adjusted as follows:

Point of the Semester Percentage Earned Reduction of Financial Aid
10% point of the Semester 10% 90%
20% point of the Semester 20% 80%
30% point of the Semester 30% 70%
40% point of the Semester 40% 60%
50% point of the Semester 50% 50%
60% point of the Semester 100% 0%



Students in non-credit certificate programs must drop or change registration one week before the start date of a class. For drops one week prior to class, 100% of payment is refunded. For drops less than one week before class, there is no refund. Please write to to change your registration or drop. Failure to attend does not constitute a drop or withdrawal.

For information about our refund policy, please visit our Refund Process page.  •  617.879.7900