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Creative Studios

Student painting in Creative Studios

Creative Studios begins on July 31st!


July 31 - August 11, 2023

Classes held Monday through Friday
Morning classes 8:30AM - 12:00PM
Afternoon classes 1:00PM - 4:30PM

Summer 2023 Registration period: February 9 - July 3 (on a space available basis)


Creative Studios is a fun and challenging program for young artists entering grades 7-9 who have a desire to expand their knowledge in the visual arts. Daily studio classes allow students to experience the rigor and excitement of art making by introducing techniques, skills and habits that are fundamental to successful work. For students of all abilities, Creative Studios classes span a range of disciplines and interests for younger artists.

Students may attend Creative Studios for the full day, or for morning or afternoon sessions only.

All Creative Studios classes will be hosted on the MassArt campus for the summer of 2023.

Youth Programs will be following the Covid-19 Safety guidelines set forth by the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Information on our safety policy can be found here: COVID Safety Requirements. For the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, class sizes will be limited to 12 students.

Program Information AND COST

Summer 2023 Fee: $767 per class
Payment is due in full by July 17, 2023.

Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served and space available basis. Submission of a registration form does not guarantee enrollment in a class. If you submit a registration form and your preferred classes are full, you will be placed on the waiting list and notified as soon as possible if a space becomes available.


Scholarships are based on financial need and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please indicate on your registration form if you would like to request a scholarship. To be considered, you will be asked to submit a copy of your most recent tax return (SSNs crossed or blanked out) with your registration form.

Cancellation Policy
MassArt reserves the right to cancel courses in the event of an insufficient number of registrations. Students will receive a full refund in the event that a course is cancelled for this reason. Classes with low enrollment will be cancelled at least two weeks before the start of the program.

Dropping & Refund Policy
Students will receive a full refund if the class is dropped at least one week prior to the start date of the class. Students who fail to notify MassArt Youth Programs of their registration cancellation in writing, prior to one week before the start of the program, will not be eligible for a refund.

COURSE Descriptions

All Summer 2023 classes will be hosted on the MassArt campus.

Waitlist available for FULL classes.


Studios run Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12:00pm.

Comic Book Art (Grades 7–9) FULL
This studio class focuses on the art of sequential comics. Learn how to translate sketches into clear, dynamic and entertaining comics. Focus on story structure and style, and find your own voice in the ever-changing world of comic art. 

Creature Design (Grades 7-9) FULL
Throughout history, monsters were invented to give form to the unknown. Creatures of contemporary television, cinema, and literature can trace their roots back to the folkloric traditions inspired by the unexplained phenomena of our world. This class will help you to ideate, draw, and paint your own creatures. Guided by encouraging critique, you will work from thumbnails to finished pieces.

Drawing Fundamentals (Grades 7-9) FULL
Learn different tools to develop drawing skills and techniques and expand your visual vocabulary! This class covers the basics of linear and aerial perspective, as well as a number of traditional and less conventional approaches to composition and drawing.

Fashion Design (Grades 7-9) FULL
Learn how to reinvent your wardrobe! In this class, students explore hand sewing techniques and basic pattern making to deconstruct, alter, and combine garments into one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. Supplies needed include: hand sewing needles, thimble, thread, sharp scissors for fabric, seam ripper, and garments to take apart and reinvent.

Afternoon STUDIOS

Studios run Monday to Friday from 1:00pm to 4:30pm.

Stop Motion Animation (Grades 7-9) FULL
This studio introduces basic principles of stop motion animation through an exploration of different media and storytelling techniques. Using contemporary artists and animators as inspiration, students work with various stop motion styles such as cut-paper, claymation, pixilation, experimental, and object motion. Class time will be spent working in groups and on individual projects.
Studio Explorations (Grades 7-9) 
Through drawing, building, collage, and more, learn to observe and explore the world around you. This class is designed to inspire students to adopt new styles of making and understand more about themselves as artists. Students will be exposed to work by contemporary artists, and classes will consist of live lessons and demos, independent work time, group discussions, one-on-one check-ins, and virtual artist talks.