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Micro MBA for Artists and Designers

Creative Continuum: Business and the Creative Process


June 8 - 23, 2017
Evenings, weekends, and some days

Led largely by the remarkable success of Apple's design-driven products and services, companies around the world are awakening to the value of creativity in all aspects of their business.

Authors like Daniel Pink, Jonah Lehrer, and Roger Martin have written extensively about creativity as a key component of innovation. IDEO and its leaders Tom Kelly and Tim Brown have almost single-handedly invented the concept of design thinking by emphasizing the creative process over final product.

Companies that thrive in the future are the ones that will innovate radically and approach challenges creatively. Who better than artists and designers to help businesses reach their creative potential?            

The Creative Continuum, developed jointly by MassArt and Bentley University, is designed specifically to help artists and designers learn how to apply their own creative process to business problems while becoming more fluent in the language and culture of business. 

Over ten class days, students participate in lively lecture sessions by Bentley faculty that offer a condensed introduction to the subject areas of an MBA including marketing, organizational behavior, finance, negotiations, and operations, woven together through the perspective of the history of business and business strategy. Then, in a series of collaborative design thinking exercises with MassArt faculty, students will learn to leverage their own creative process as they work on a range of business problems.

Lectures in design thinking, team building, design research, prototyping, and presentation strategies will kick-off the exercises.

Program Cost

$1100 Non-credit 
$1100 3cr. undergraduate; $2,060 3cr. graduate 
$510 3cr. current MassArt undergraduates; $690 3cr. Current MassArt graduate students

Download Schedule

Contact •  617.879.7200