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Program Extension Process for F-1 Students

F-1 International Students are required to complete their program by the date noted on the first page of their current I-20 form. If you will not be able to complete your current program by the expected completion date, you must apply for a Program Extension as soon as possible through the International Education Center.


  • You must be in lawful F-1 status at MassArt (following all rules and regulations)
  • You must have maintained lawful F-1 status for the entirety of your current program
  • Delays in completing your studies must not be caused by academic or judicial probation or suspension

Please submit (via secured email) the following documents to Maggie Shirland, International Student advisor as soon as you are aware of your need for an extension.

You must submit all documents at least 1 month prior to the original I-20 expiration date. It is your responsibility to file the extension in a timely manner - we will not be responsible for immigration status situations that occur due to missing the one month deadline.

  • Submit the signed F-1 Program Extension Advisor Form
  • Submit a Verification of Finance (VOF): please note you must show funding to cover the cost of the additional extension time you are requesting. You should use the Tuition and Fees as a guide for how much you must show
    • The amounts should be prorated accordingly if you are not extending your I-20 for a full year
    • The amounts should be prorated accordingly if you are not planning to enroll in a full-time courseload during your final semester
  • Submit a copy of your passport
  • Submit a copy of any current US visa stamps inside your passport
  • Submit a copy of your current electronic I-94: navigate to "Get Most Recent I-94"