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Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA) enhances the student experience by providing a forum in which student voices may be heard. Through open meetings, students are able to promote and advance matters concerning their community.

As the legislative and representative body of MassArt students, we secure and defend our right to full participation in decision-making processes impacting our educational environment and student experience.

All MassArt students are members of our organization – come to a meeting or contact us and make a difference with your voice.


SGA President
John Intoppa (he/him) is senior in Industrial Design from Medford, MA. He would like to improve the communication systems on-campus, so that students are kept up-to-date on important issues and opportunities that may arise. Above all, John hopes to accomplish being a strong representative with the students and get student work recognized on a city wide or statewide level for the college's 150th anniversary.


Dan Miaskiewicz (he/him) is a junior Illustration major from Wilmington, MA. Dan is excited to use his experience with the 2022 All School Show to make 2023 even better! He wants to continue to establish connections with students and faculty/staff in order to bridge the gap and improve communication between everyone at MassArt. He wants to use his resources to share information with students so they feel informed about what is happening on campus.


Heily Rivas (she/her) is a junior in Fashion Design from Hialeah, FL. Heily would like to give more prominence to the diverse ethnic and cultural voices present in the MassArt community, as well as to enable spaces in which these unique histories and traditions can be celebrated. In addition, she hopes to make the campus environment more accessible to students with special abilities or unique ways of navigating the world; as well as to strengthen and expand the crucial sustainability initiatives on campus.


Nikki Whatley (she/her) is a junior in Illustration from White River Jct, VT. Nikki wants to get more of the funding out to the community so more events and opportunities are available to the students at MassArt. She has a strong understanding of what problems need to be addressed and hopes to bring her experience from past campus jobs to the treasurer position to find solutions for improvements.

Student Trustee

Nicholas Thompson (he/him) is a senior in Photography and SIM from Hingham, MA. Nicholas wants to improve communication between the student body and the parties that influence it. He hopes to provide a stronger voicing of student concerns, form a better line of communication between the student body and SGA, and provide more extensive updates on SGA happenings to the students being represented.

Media Coordinator

Lilah Pudlo (she/her) is a sophomore in Fashion Design from Louisville, Kentucky. Lilah wants to be a voice for students who may not feel heard, and helping to create a positive campus environment. By communicating information about events, organizations, and important announcements on social media, she will be able to connect with students and receive feedback.


Questions, comments, or concerns about your experience on campus can be directed to

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