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Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA) enhances the student experience by providing a forum in which student voices may be heard. Through open meetings, students are able to promote and advance matters concerning their community.

As the legislative and representative body of MassArt students, we secure and defend our right to full participation in decision-making processes impacting our educational environment and student experience.

All MassArt students are members of our organization – come to a meeting or contact us and make a difference with your voice.


SGA President

Heily Rivas (She/Her) is a senior in Fashion Design from Hialeah, FL. This year, she looks forward to expanding community-building initiatives on campus in order to enable an interconnected, thriving campus climate. Through collaboration and cooperation, she hopes to forge opportunities for MassArt students to experiment with and learn from each other as they develop artistically, personally, and professionally. Her greatest desire through this role is to guide the students of MassArt in persevering to achieve the institutional and educational experience they hope to have.


Nikki Whatley (She/Her) is a senior in Illustration from White River Junction, VT. This year, she hopes to bridge the disconnect of communication between the many hands that help All School Show run, and gauge what the student body wishes All School Show would look like since it is ultimately a showcase of their work.


Morgan Pietrorazio (She/Her) is a junior in Painting from Middlebury, CT. Throughout her time so far at MassArt, she has tried to be more involved on campus, feeling a lack of engagement between students in her year post-covid, and wanting to have a voice in decisions that are supportive to the student body. She would like to utilize the resources that she now has access to in this role to help the MassArt students in any capacity that she can, and make their time here as successful and enjoyable as possible.


Lucius Mitton (Any) is a junior in the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) and pursuing a minor in the Sustainability Department from Brockton, MA. This year, he hopes to uplift and curate a positive community at MassArt through fairness, equity, and fun!

Student Trustee

Kay Ehwa (They/Them) is a senior in the Studio For Interrelated Media (SIM).

Media Coordinator

Cay MacDonald (She/Her) is a junior in Animation.


Questions, comments, or concerns about your experience on campus can be directed to

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