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Action for the Planet

Action for the Planet


Action for the Planet benefits the MassArt community by hosting community art builds, documentary viewings, and discussions around the topics of climate and environmental justice. These issues are crucial to engage in because climate change will affect everyone at different levels of severity. Our planet's future depends on us to change our addiction to fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy. Our student group hopes to raise awareness at MassArt and the Boston community to the necessary actions we must take to avoid climate catastrophe.

MassArt Action for the Planet is a student group concerned about climate change and the effects it has upon the environment and life across the globe. We strive to recognize our individual participation in a economically unjust society that benefits from the exploitation of individuals and the disposal of land and resources. Using art in a variety of media, we desire to communicate and provoke change. We hope for a future on this planet that we can not only exist, but have a more equitable community for all living beings.