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Counseling & Wellness

Students in front of Tree House Residence Hall

In Case of Emergency, please call 617.879.7800 or 911

The Counseling & Wellness Center offers programs promoting wellbeing throughout the academic year. Counseling is free short-term psychotherapy, evaluations, referrals, and other resources for students. 

contact • T: 617.879.7760 • F: 617.879.7769
2nd Floor of Kennedy Building

Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

To request a first appointment, please send us an email! You can also give us a call and leave us a voicemail with your callback number. If you have previously met with a therapist at the Counseling and Wellness Center, you are welcome to contact that therapist directly to schedule an appointment.

Not ready to make an appointment?
You can also visit our resource page for information and tips on common stressors and concerns.

Counseling Philosophy of Care

The Counseling and Wellness Center exists to support students as they develop as artists, designers and educators. We recognize students whose flourishing is impacted by social injustices and mental health challenges, and are committed to utilizing compassion and consciousness to aid students on their journey toward healing and wholeness. We affirm that Black Lives Matter. The Counseling and Wellness Center team works to center the importance of honoring, respecting and supporting all aspects of the identities of MassArt's community members.

We consider it a sign of strength when a student decides to seek counseling. We believe that the process of counseling can result in an individual gaining insights, new skills, and personal growth to help them navigate the challenges of college life and beyond.

Counseling is a collaborative relationship between a client and a mental health professional that is trained to help clients to understand and change thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Clients often experience a wide range of emotions during the counseling sessions. At times this can be overwhelming but, if the individual works closely with the counselor, it is generally found to be fulfilling and will provide relief by talking about difficult topics.

Students come to us during times of crisis and intense stress when their usual supports or coping skills are not working. Sometimes students come in who have less pressing concerns - such as a roommate conflict or difficulty with an academic subject. We welcome all students and try to provide an initial session as swiftly as possible.


MassArt is transitioning to a new support platform. More information to come.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact MassArt's Counseling and Wellness Center at 617.879.7760 (press 2) or at

If there is an emergency that requires immediate assistance, call MassArt Public Safety at 617.879.7800. If you are off-campus, please call 911.