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Public Safety

MassArt Police, Institutional Safety Officers, and Students


In Case of Emergency, please call 617.879.7800

MassArt is dedicated to creating a campus community that offers physical safety, a welcoming culture, and a climate of equity and inclusion for people of all backgrounds.

Security on campus is a priority to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The Office of Public Safety, located in Tower Building, is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is dedicated to the safety of the MassArt community.

The Office of Public Safety offers crime prevention programs, CPR training, and various safety programs and orientations throughout the year.

Public Safety also maintains a cooperative working relationship with state and local police agencies and area hospitals. If necessary, Public Safety will serve as a referral agency when the assistance needed is not available on campus.

Campus Police Officers

MassArt police officers are academy trained and licensed as Special State Police Officers as well as Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs.

The Chief, Deputy Chief, and all other campus police officers have the same authority on campus as municipal officers. They are trained to the standards of the Municipal Police Training Council and are empowered to detain, question, and arrest violators of Massachusetts' statutes.

MassArt police officers may also report infractions of college rules to the administration for possible disciplinary hearings. Officers receive training in areas such as community policing, criminal investigation, self-defense and other related fields.

Officers patrol the campus on a regular basis and provide a wide range of security services. They are trained in CPR and first aid, and are always available to provide assistance.

Institutional Security Officers (ISO's)

Institutional security officers (ISOs) are non-sworn, uniformed security personnel assigned to safeguard areas of the campus. To augment safety, ISOs patrol the MassArt campus and perform a variety of public safety services.


Public Safety strives for a high visibility approach from its officers, and is a firm believer in the concept of community policing. We depend on the interaction between our officers and the MassArt community to ensure a safe working and learning environment.

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